Where and when should we meet?
You have to be on a departure location at least one day earlier so we can arrange everything we need. We are usually departuring around 07h am.
What clothing do I need?
  • Base layer (2×): Thermal Underwear Bottoms, turtleneck, socks (recommendation: wool socks)
  • Mid layer: light feather jacket or vest, fleece or pullover
  • Top layer: sailing waterproof clothing (pants and jacket or jumpsuit) recommendation: cuffs on the sleeves and around the neck
  • Two beanie hats
  • Sailing boots
  • Recommendation: waterproof gloves, sailing gloves, head covering against the sun
What equipment do I need?
  • Head lamp with white and red light
  • Pocket knife
  • Food bowl, with lid
  • Spoon
  • Sleeping bag
Do I need a travel insurance?
Yes!. It's sole responsibility of the sailor to have a valid travel insurance for the whole duration of the delivery. This will be checked befor boarding. Persons without a valid travel insurance will be denied boarding and their payment will not be refunded.
What does fee includes?
Travel costs, airline tickets, hotel or apartment fees, are not included in transfer price, so you need to cover them by yourself.
Are my payment refundable?
In case of withdrawal from the deilvery, deposit is non-refundable. Deposit is fully refundable in case of delivery cancellation or change of delivery date.
Do I need a bag?
Yes! It's good to have a waterproof bag, rubberized soft sports bag. Bags with hard edges, handles and wheels are out of the question.
Is there any toilet?
It's a racing boat, so no regular toilet. We are doing it in biodegradable bags, which we put in a bucket.
What food do I need to bring with me?
Instant meals to mix with water, 3 meals a day, energy bars, biscuits, crackers, snacks
How much liquid do I need to take with me?
It's good to have 3 liters per day - we will buy it on the spot before setting sails.
Can I take any medications?
Yes. You can take your medications with you, and it's good to have medications for the prevention of nausea, vomiting and/or dizziness associated with motion sickness.