Come And Sail With Me.


Did you ever wonder how it feels to be on a racing sailboat? Now you have the opportunity to sail with me and feel the speed and power of mighty Optimus Prime. Some says this is very fast submarine, and I can’t agree more.


This boat is build for performance, so this is how it looks inside. There is plenty of room for all your staff, but the most comfortable place is where you sleep. One thing is sure, while it’s not cozy it’s very exciting to be on board.

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I have been privilged to sail with some very intersting persons, so this is their story.

I would recommend everyone to take this trip

I had the opportunity to sail with Ivica on a boat delivery across the Atlantic from Martinique to the Azores and in Normandy at the Malouine 40 offshore race. It was unforgettable for me and one of the best life experiences I had. I learned a lot of new things about sailing and got the opportunity to discover new seas and oceans. Ivica is one of the best sailors I have sailed with and his knowledge of sailing is high, and in addition he is a great skipper who makes thoughtful and safe decisions during sailing. I hope that I will have another opportunity to sail with him and I would recommend everyone to take advantage of that chance and set sail with Ivica and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

— Saša Drobac

Experience sailing in the night

Sailing with Ivica from Monte Carlo to Lisbon was a life-changing experience. An amazing opportunity to sail on a fast sailboat, experience night sail changes (proper hard-working delivery!), peaceful night guards in the company of dolphins, learn how to use a sextant and appreciate extra bacon at dinner, and have plenty of time to practice correct sail trim. Plus being in the company of Ivica, from whom he can learn so much about sailing, and supposedly also about skiing, but we didn't get into that so much :)

— Luka Abrus

Ivica and his guitar

My seafaring experience on Ivica's boats in the past years (Class 40s "Pik As" and "Ola") is modest - about 20 days on one longer trip and several shorter sailing trips. A little Mediterranean, a little more Adriatic. Sometimes in a duo, sometimes in a trio- one of those in a very charming family environment. During my life I have had the good fortune, and sometimes the misfortune, to sail with very different people on equally different boats, some smaller and some larger than Ivica's Class 40. What really made me happy is how such race sailboats can be something different, something even closer to the sea, while gently gliding along the surface in the calm of the day, while Ivica plays the guitar for you with undisguised love and warmth and sings something from his rich repertoire.

— Luka Bakrač

Amazing 90NM in 6 hours

Sailing with Ivica was a great experience and privilege. We sailed together from Cascais to Les sables d'Ollone. Despite rough sailing conditions, we had a great time with a lot of great music :). Regardless of the fact that I have 30 years of experience in sailing, this sailing was a unique experience of pure ocean sailing on a super modern sailboat through Biscay. I will always remember the last night of our sailing when we sailed the distance of 90NM in 6 hours.

— Jadran Lukas

Sailing with a champion

Glad to have the opportunity to sail with a champion. I learn a lot of things with you especially on the manner to see the sport in the life. It was a nice step forward in my life. Big thanks for that by the way ;) Really looking forward to sail with you again my friend.

— Hugo Feydit

Sailing with a champion

It was an unforgettable adventure to experience and sail a first-class racing boat, but above all I was overwhelmed by the energy of the ever modest world champion, whose cosmopolitan dictionary does not recognize the word "boredom". That's when I became infected with sailing, and since then I have taken every opportunity to spend time on a sailing boat. Despite all the sailing pleasures and new skills on our joint venture, I have taken home two life lessons, always stay humble and if you believe in your abilities, nothing is impossible.

— Ziga Mlinaric